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Trial Panorama: Comprehensive Clinical Trial Database

At Keiji AI, we've developed a sophisticated AI-driven pipeline to gather and index over 700K clinical trial protocols and 1.2M clinical trial studies globally, covering key elements like trial conditions, treatments, endpoints, outcomes, demographics, and geographics. Our TrialMind system can leverage Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to surface this rich data via an interactive experience for our clients, offering trial intelligence that enhances the strategic planning, design, and execution of clinical trials.


How it helps

Keiji.AI's Trial Panorama offers a comprehensive view of the clinical trial landscape, enabling in-depth analysis of emerging trends in conditions and therapies, alongside the gathering of real-world evidence and more. This database empowers stakeholders to navigate the complex terrain of clinical trials with greater clarity and strategic insight, facilitating informed decision-making and optimized trial outcomes.


How it works

Drawing from a worldwide collection of data, including trial protocols and detailed studies, our advanced AI algorithms parse and index various medical terms and organize the trial outcomes, creating a database that facilitates precise and swift study searches. Our pioneering Gen AI algorithms are engineered to rapidly synthesize real-world evidence from a broad spectrum of trial data, offering dynamic, insightful interactions per the input research questions. This integration of cutting-edge technology with comprehensive data not only guarantees unmatched search precision and efficiency but also boosts the exploration of the clinical study landscape.

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