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TrialMind: GenAI Brain for Clinical Trial Development

Keiji AI proudly presents TrialMind, a groundbreaking AI platform built upon years of our dedicated research in AI applications for clinical trials. At the core of TrialMind is a suite of powerful APIs driven by our cutting-edge Generative AI (GenAI) system. These APIs are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise applications, unlocking the full potential of your patient and clinical trial data to drive unprecedented innovation and efficiency.

Key features of TrialMind's API suite include:

  1. Literature Mining: Harness the power of Gen AI and search to quickly identify and extract relevant information from vast repositories of scientific literature, treatment guidelines, and regulatory documents related to your clinical trial.

  2. Trial Search & Analysis: Easily search through historical trial databases and analyze their designs, outcomes, and patient characteristics to inform your own trial strategies.

  3. Protocol Design: Leverage GenAI to generate optimized eligibility criteria, study endpoints, and trial workflows, tailored to your specific therapeutic area and target patient population.

  4. Feasibility Analysis: Assess the viability of your trial design by automatically generating queries for patient databases based on your eligibility criteria and simulating cohort identification, enabling data-driven decision-making and proactive risk mitigation.

  5. Biomedical Data Science Support: Utilize TrialMind's advanced data processing and analytics capabilities to derive meaningful insights from complex biomedical datasets, such as patient-level trial data (e.g., ADaM, SDTM, CDISC), electronic health records, and real-world evidence (e.g., OMOP databases).

In addition to the TrialMind API suite, TrialMind offers a web interface that synergizes with the APIs to provide an end-to-end solution for clinical trial design and optimization. This intuitive interface allows your team to easily access and manipulate data in a privacy-preserving manner, configure AI models, and visualize results, empowering both technical and non-technical users to harness the full potential of TrialMind. image


Interactive TrialMind APIs

TrialMind Eligibility Criteria Generation demo

TrialMind API demo

TrialMind API Documentation

Pitch Deck

Overview deck of TrialMind

Example Applications

Research Assistant

Research Assistant Demo

Data Science Assistant

Data Science Assistant Demo

Trial Search

Trial search on Alzheimer's Disease