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Security and Development Policies

Keiji is a secure platform that allows you to explore your data while considering all relevant legal, industry, and regulatory requirements. Our platform is cloud-hosted on Amazon Web Services, which is a highly secure and well-established environment. While many data and analytics platforms consider their cloud provider's security measures to be a comprehensive strategy, we at Keiji have taken additional steps to ensure the safety of our customers' data. We are building an information security system in accordance with ISO 27001, which is an industry gold standard. Our high bar of data protection and privacy controls are evident in our practice, and we also ensure our internal practices are secure and currently going through SOC 2 Type 1 and then Type 2 Certification.

Not only do we maintain secure practices and systems ourselves, but we also help our customers maintain their own compliance. Keiji is data neutral and agnostic, which means we provide you with privacy and control over the data you send to our platform. We also offer access control, data management, and other tools to help you comply with privacy regulations.

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